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Renegade Capital

Andrea Longton, Ebony Perkins, & Leah Fremouw

Renegade Capital is the activist’s podcast for finance and investments. We interview thought leaders who go into the ring every day to fight against the racist, sexist, and exclusive norms established by traditional financial and capital systems. Our listeners walk away inspired by our guests and armed with actionable tips and tools to use money to create the world in which they want to live. Whether you're an expert or a novice, there is something for everyone as we discuss impact investing, philanthropic giving, community lending, diversity in finance, and more.
Why Small Businesses Need More from Impact Finance: Gabby and Rozalynn Goodwin, GaBBY BowsSeptember 13, 2022 Episode artwork When Investing for Impact in Rural America Turns Into “Extractive Capital”: Stephanie Randolph, Deputy Director of Cassiopeia Foundation and Sara Morgan, Executive VP and CIO at FaheAugust 23, 2022 Episode artwork Capital Commitments to Black Communities- Real Investment or PR Promise?: Robert E. James II, President & CEO of Carver Financial Corporation August 09, 2022 Episode artwork Changing the Face of Finance One Conference at a Time: Liv Gagnon & Sonya Dreizler, Co-Founders of CHOIRJuly 26, 2022 Episode artwork Building Inclusive Economies Where Policy and Money Meet: Virginia Senator Jennifer McClellan.July 12, 2022 Episode artwork “OK Boomer…”: Do GenXers and Millennials Invest Differently Than Their Parents?: Alyssa Greenspan, President and COO and Jessica Botelho, Director of Impact and CRA research at Community Capital ManagementJune 21, 2022 Episode artwork Breaking Open the “Piggy Banks of Charity” to Accelerate Giving: Kat Taylor, Co-Founder & Board Chair of Beneficial State BankJune 07, 2022 Episode artwork Can Small Businesses Benefit from Fintech Too?: David Taliaferro, Co-Founder and CEO of LenderfitMay 24, 2022 Episode artwork Uplifting Communities through Real Estate Development: Dave McCormack, President, Waukeshaw Development May 10, 2022 Episode artwork Bonus Episode - Careers with Impact March 16, 2022 Episode artwork Activist Investing: Phuong Luong, CFP, Principal, Saltbox FinancialJanuary 25, 2022 Episode artwork Investing in Main Street, not Wall Street: Stephanie Gripne, Founder and CEO of Impact Finance CenterJanuary 11, 2022 Episode artwork Meet a real life "renegade investor": Kate Poole, Co-Founder, Chordata CapitalDecember 14, 2021 Episode artwork How the NFL’s Washington Football Team got its new name: Geeta Aiyer, President, Boston Common Asset Management November 29, 2021 Episode artwork Cannabis: Growing inclusive economies: Khadijah Tribble, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility at CuraleafNovember 16, 2021 Episode artwork Are CDFIs the original capital renegades?: Donna Gambrell, CEO of Appalachian Community Capital November 01, 2021 Episode artwork Race, Banking, and Wealth: John Holdsclaw IV, EVP, Strategic Initiatives at National Cooperative Bank: October 18, 2021 Episode artwork Community, Capital, and Change: Cat Berman, CEO & Co-Founder of CNoteOctober 05, 2021 Episode artwork Renegade Capital Series Trailer September 26, 2021 Episode artwork