Renegade Capital

Macguyvering Money for Indigenous Communities feat. Lakota Vogel, Four Bands Community Fund

November 28, 2023 Andrea Longton, Ebony Perkins, & Leah Fremouw Season 3 Episode 5
Renegade Capital
Macguyvering Money for Indigenous Communities feat. Lakota Vogel, Four Bands Community Fund
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S3 Ep5 | To “MacGuyver” something is to use something in an inventive way, using what you have in a creative way to repair or make something new. In the context of finance, traditional capital systems don’t always work with the resources we have on hand, so many of us find ways to “MacGuyver” money to fit our needs as best we can. In this episode, Lakota Vogel shares how Four Bands Community Fund finds inventive solutions to make products and services that work for local Indigenous communities. Four Bands translates the traditional Lakota values of self-sufficiency, wise resource management, and a spirit of entrepreneurship into practical applications for today’s modern economy.
About Lakota.
Lakota Vogel is the Executive Director at Four Bands. In this role, Lakota provides leadership for Four Bands, establishes new and fosters existing partnerships, and leads and manages efforts to reach organizational goals. Prior to becoming the Executive Director, Lakota served as the Assistant Director at Four Bands for five years. Before Four Bands, Lakota taught on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation at Todd County High School with Teach for America. Lakota obtained a BA in Sociology at the University of Notre Dame and an MA in Social Work Degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Lakota also completed a summer fellowship with National Congress of American Indians, served on the Native American Alumni Board of Directors at the University of Notre Dame, and initiated program evaluations at the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management. In recognition of her leadership, initiative, and dedication, the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development named Lakota as part of its 2018 class of “Native American 40 under 40.” Currently, Lakota serves on USDA’s Equity Commission and sits on the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis’ board of directors. Lakota is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

Renegade Capital Tools & Tips.
A renegade not only listens but acts. We've consolidated a few tips from this episode to support financial solutions that work for Indigenous communities.

  • Challenge Your Assumptions About Risk. It’s easy to rely on our pre-existing notions of financial concepts like risk, without stopping to wonder if those definitions really work for everyone. Don’t just rely on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to challenge the status quo. Stop to ask questions about the community you’re investing in, their needs, and the value they bring to the deal.
  • Learn About Other Financial Systems. In order to find creative capital solutions, we can look to other cultures and communities for inspiration. Get educated on the values and history of native communities and what institutions like Four Bands Community Fund are doing to serve their clients. 
  • Offer Your Time and Expertise.  Once you have learned more, find a place to serve as a volunteer, board member, or advisory committee member. Offer your networks and your voice to support Indigenous communities from a leadership position. 

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